Cheers to the Weekend!

Another great weekend spent in Russia! On Saturday my host sister and I slept in which felt absolutely amazing. Then, after we had breakfast we got dressed and walked around some outdoor shops and through cute little part. It was raining so after we had looked around enough my host mom picked us up and we went to one of the nearby malls to shop around. After the mall I thought we were driving home, but we stopped in front of a shop that was unfamiliar to me. My mom went inside while Masha and I stayed in the car. About five minutes later my host mom came out and motioned for us to come inside. Turns out it was a salon and she was taking us to get our eyebrows done. I was pretty excited because my eyebrows definitely needed work done to them! It was a painful experience because the women doing it just went at them with tweezers… but nevertheless it was worth it! Once we got home we both freshened up and got ready for the dacha party we were going to that night. My host dad drove us to the dacha around 4:30 and then he dropped off. Most of the host siblings and Americans were there. It was a very fun night filled with lots of dancing, tea drinking, and getting to know each other better. Almost everyone pulled an all nighter and slept basically all of Sunday. Three of the Americans and myself went in the Russian Banya at around three in the morning because one of the Russian guys offered to set it up for us and we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity! Little did we know that it was going to take around an hour and 45 min to set it up… Nevertheless we waited and eventually we had our banya experience. I have never really even been in a sauna in America so I really didn’t know what to expect. It was SOOOO hot. They had it set to 90 degrees Celsius. I guess we were lucky though because normally it is at 100 degrees Celcius. We had three rounds of it, each about 15 minutes each. During our last session the Sasha (russian friend) showed us the leaves and how to use them. We then took turns lying down and hitting each other with them. After the banya we were extremely hot so we went and jumped in the nearby lake at about 5 am. It was so beautiful and an amazing experience. My host dad picked my sister and I up at about 11 and as soon as we got home we took around 5-6 hour naps each. Then, that evening after dinner my entire family set up the huge projector screen and we all watched Burlesque as a family- in Russian! It was great! I’ve seen the movie close to ten times so it was good for me to watch it in Russian because it was good practice at picking up the vocal. Anyways, that is my update on the weekend! I have homework to do and finals to study for but I will definitely blog again at the end of this week if not sooner!