Dreaming of Dubrovnik

Dreaming of Dubrovnik

Traveling to Croatia has been on by bucket list for years. The history, beautiful scenery, and rich culture have all contributed to my desire to visit. Even before I arrived in Prague, I knew I had to take a weekend to trip to Croatia. I decided that the best place for a weekend trip would be to the coastal city of Dubrovnik. My roommates and I planned a weekend trip to Dubrovnik for our last weekend abroad which turned out to be perfect. Luckily we were all able to book direct flights from Prague to Dubrovnik, which we were surprised by because everyone always talked about how difficult it was to get there but for us it was actually quite simple.

Croatia was the most anticipated trip of the summer so when that Friday came, my roommates and I were bouncing off the walls and could barely contain ourselves all morning. We got to the airport, went through border control, boarded our flight, and we were off! Before we even landed in Dubrovnik we had amazing views of the Adriatic sea from the plane which was STUNNING. We landed in Dubrovnik, quickly exchanged some cash, and then caught a taxi to our Airbnb. Our Airbnb was not situated right in Old Town, but about a ten minute drive away by a cute little beachy area. We stayed in an adorable apartment with a garden sitting area, cute turtles, and a friendly neighbor dog to pet. Once getting situated in our Airbnb we walked down the steps to a walking area right alongside the water to grab some lunch. This area was lined with restaurants and they even continued wrapping around the cliffside right at the edge of the water. My friend Jack and I decided we wanted to jet ski so after lunch we went up to one of the stands that was advertising water sports and asked about the price to rent one. It ended up being a really decent price so we agreed to do it and the nice lady who helped us told us her boss would be there to meet us in about half an hour. To kill the time we decided to split a massive Mai Tai which was amazing.

After finishing our drink, we walked back over to the stand to meet for jet skiing. We got over there and the friendly lady at the stand said her boss just arrived and guided us over to a parking area where a driver got out of a big white van and met us. I’ve always told myself I would never get in a big van with a stranger, but here I was about to get in a big van with a stranger :-). The driver told us the jet skis were on the other side of the area and we would have to drive about 15 minutes to get there. When we paid for the jet skis, NOT ONCE did they mention that we would have to get in a van and drive to another location. We figured we would just walk down to the water and that would be that. Since that is what we thought, we left our phones and wallets with our friends on the beach who were not jet skiing because we figured we weren’t going to use them on the jet skis obviously and we didn’t think we were going far. So, we get in this very sketchy van with a driver and we are both kind of laughing because of how ridiculous and sketchy this is and we were already planning our escape if thing went wrong. Neither of us had any idea where we were supposed to be going, so they honestly could have taken us anywhere and we would have no idea because we wouldn’t know any different. We drove through some windy paths, went over a bridge, and then the van pulled over at some cliffside. We got out and made our way down these steep stone steps to a dock where there was, to our delight, jet skis. There was a guy down there who filled it up with gas and gave us the basic lowdown on speed limits, how far we could go, etc. He also showed us on a map that it would actually only take us about 5 minutes to go over where our friends were laying out because it was just around the corner. We got on the jet-ski and it was by far the best jet-skiing experience I’ve ever had. The ocean water was gorgeous, warm, and we were able to go around a few of the islands as well. We also went over to where our friends were laying out to say hi to them for a little bit. The sun was just setting as we were finishing jet-skiing and it was so SO gorgeous.

The white van took us back to where we were picked up from and we met up with our friends for dinner. After dinner we went back to our Airbnb and went to bed because we were all exhausted from the day. Plus, I had to get up early the next morning for my Game of Thrones walking tour that I scheduled earlier in the week. I had to meet my tour guide outside the Pile Gates no later than 7:30 am.

I am an avid Game of Thrones fan so there was no question in my mind that I would be doing a Game of Thrones walking tour to see where the filming took place. For those of you that watch Game of Thrones or even if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is where Kings Landing is primarily filmed in the series, as well as Qarth . Our tour went from 7:30 ish to noon and our tour guide was AMAZING. She was so knowledgeable and took us to see literally everything from the iron throne, walk of shame steps, Joffrey’s name day, and so many more. We also got to go to an island just off Dubrovnik where there was a gorgeous salt water lake and peacocks roaming around everywhere. This island is where they filmed Qarth for those people who watch Game of Thrones. She was an extra in four different seasons and had us reenact a bunch of photos from the show she had. I’m going to link her page and contact information below just in case any of you guys are interested in a Game of Throned walking tour you should definitely do it with Tonka because she was the best!! She was very knowledgable not only about GOT but also the history of Dubrovnik and Croatia in general.

Once we were finished with our tour we met up with my roommates and other friends who were on our Prague program and also went to Dubrovnik that weekend. My roommate Emalee reserved a boat ride for all of us that afternoon and it was a perfect way to explore the Adriatic Sea and enjoy its beauty. Our captain took us to the Blue Grotto which is a cave that you have to swim into and the entire thing is just glowing blue. It’s illuminated entirely. After that we went around more and then he took us to a sandy beach that we swam to from the boat. The beach had a bar with yummy drinks, food and chairs to lay out on. Eventually we swam back to the boat from shore and made our way back to where the boat first took off. From the boat, we walked back to our Airbnb, changed for dinner, and met up with all our Prague friends for a nice dinner in the heart Old Town Dubrovnik. The ambience was great and the food was very delicious. After dinner we all went out for a little bit before heading back to the Airbnb to get some sleep. We left that Sunday and none of us were excited to leave. I could easily spend a week there and still not do everything I want to do. Croatia is definitely somewhere I will have to go back to in the future and was without a doubt my favorite place I went all summer!