Weekend in Berlin and Dresden

Weekend in Berlin and Dresden


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Visiting Berlin has been on my bucket list for an incredibly long time and I was lucky enough to finally go there this past weekend. It was a bonus because I had my friend Jake there to show me around and act as my personal tour guide. When I first arrived in Berlin it was pouring rain (shoutout to mom for forcing an umbrella in my suitcase as we were leaving for the airport) and it was raining to the point where someone could have quite literally kayaked their way around on the streets. Cars were swerving and trying to avoid each other and it was complete chaos. Once I got settled into my hotel and put on some dry clothes, we went for dinner at a German restaurant around the corner. We both ordered a beer and happily filled our stomachs with some great food. It was around 10 pm once we were done with dinner and decided to head back and rest up for our sightseeing day.

The next morning we got up fairly early and grabbed a quick breakfast at a cafe on our way to the metro station. We got our transportation tickets for the day and we were good to go. Jake had the whole day planned out and the first thing he took me to see was the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall which was AMAZING. I honestly couldn’t believe how much of it was still up and how incredible all the artwork was. Someone could easily spend a good hour or two there just walking along it admiring the intricate designs. After exploring the wall we took the metro to Alexander Platz for some lunch. Alexander Platz was a very fun area right in the heart of Berlin. After lunch we walked to Check Point Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, and then the Brandenburg Gate. Each and every one of these sights went above and beyond my expectations. Right by the Brandenburg Gate there was a building with a sign that said, “Room of Silence” and neither of us really knew what it was but we figured it was a memorial of some sort so we decided to go inside and see what it was. We walked in and the lady sitting at the front gave us a brochure and pointed towards a door in the building to go through to get to the room. It was not a memorial of any sort, just a room for mediation in the middle of one of the most touristy areas of Berlin. I have never been inside of a room that was so quiet before in my life. We sat there for about a minute or two, not really sure what we were supposed to do, and then we went back outside.

We were having great luck with weather that day so we decided to walk back to my hotel which would take about an hour, but we could walk back to it almost entirely through the beautiful Tiergarten Park. The park was a very serene and beautiful setting with trees, flowers, trails, and a little lake. After walking around the city for most of the day it was nice to take a leisurely walk through something so peaceful. Of course, about halfway home it started to rain. There was no turning back now so I put on my raincoat I bought that morning and Jake pulled out my umbrella and we kept walking towards the hotel in the pouring rain. Half an hour later and we finally made it back to my hotel. We almost broke the umbrella twice and we were completely drenched, but WE MADE IT. After getting freshened up and changing into clothes that weren’t completely drenched, we went to go get dinner. Jake had been talking up dinner all day but refused to tell me where we were going because he wanted it to be a surprise. We took the metro back to Alexander Platz, walked a few feet, and told me we were eating dinner in the restaurant at the top of the TV tower. It was the most spectacular view and the restaurant was revolving so we were able to see everything. It was absolutely amazing and the food was great. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end off a perfect day (besides the rain) in Berlin! After we finished dinner we went to the bar at the top of the tower for some drinks before heading back home. Jake was a great tour guide and I can’t thank him enough! I loved Berlin and will definitely be back someday.

The next morning we got up early and headed to the train station because we decided to take a quick trip to Dresden on the way back to Prague. Going to Dresden was a great decision and was such a charming city with so much old and beautiful architecture. It looked very medieval. Shortly after checking into our hotel we found a little place for lunch and both ordered DELICIOUS schnitzel and of course, beer. I opted for the raspberry beer and I’m still dreaming about it. Our hotel was in a perfect location, within walking distance to absolutely everything. We walked around the cobblestone streets until we found the castle, a few churches, statues, and the Zwinger which was a very beautiful building with gardens, galleries, and fountains. Spending a day and a half in Dresden was the perfect time I thought to explore this city. We were able to do everything we wanted and there wasn’t really anything we missed out on. If I lived in Prague full time I would be taking day trips to Dresden all the time just because I loved it so much and its only a two hour train ride away. Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast. Other people were drinking alcohol so we didn’t feel so bad ordering drinks ourselves. Jake got a beer and I opted for some sort of coffee/hot chocolate drink that had some alcohol in it but I could not understand the German menu. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I still to this day have no idea what was in that drink but all I could taste was literal rubbing alcohol. Next time I think I will just stick to an orange juice :-). We walked around and took some pictures after breakfast before heading back to the hotel, collecting out stuff, and then got a cab to the train station to get on our train to PRAGUE!!!!!!

Post coming very soon about our week in Prague together because it was so so SO fun and literally one of the best weeks of my life!!!!